march is betraying me.

March is my birthday month. Despite its often cold and snowy conditions, I've never felt anything but love for it. My opinion soured a bit last year when my dog Frankie had 2 seizures in mid-to-late March, but I was looking forward to this year's despite that.

We're only halfway through the month and it's already thoroughly tested my patience. My birthday was spared of all the covid-related closures and changes, but in the 8 days since, things have really gone south. I fear for everyone and everything right now.

What we're going through is unprecedented, at least in my memory. I remember Ebola, SARS, West Nile... but none of them were this widespread. Closing borders, businesses, schools, and dorms is all so new to me. Not having a previous frame of reference is making me anxious, confused, and worried.

I hope that in the next 15 days things turn around and the rapid pace at which this is spreading comes to a halt. The March I know and love would end on a happy note, and I hope that's what we come to see before April 1st hits.

#covid #birthday