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Here in Illinois our governor has announced we will be sheltering in place until at least April 7th, starting at 5pm today. I'm treating it as it's already active, and have gotten cozy on my couch. Normally on the weekend I would go to my mom's and we'd run errands, but the plan today is to watch a bunch of my favorite movies as a pick-me-up. Tomorrow I am going to watch a bunch of movies I have never seen but have always wanted to.

I work from home normally so Monday – Friday won't be any different for me. After work I usually just hang out and watch Netflix, Hulu, or Prime when I'm not doing chores. Sometimes my one friend comes by to hang out after he finishes work, but I doubt that'll happen during the shelter timeframe.

I did place an order this morning for a basketball since my garage had a pre-existing hoop on it when I moved in. I hope it gets warmer early into the next 2 and a half weeks because it'd be nice to shoot around if it's nice enough, and it would break up the monotony of being in my basement for 17 hours a day.

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March is my birthday month. Despite its often cold and snowy conditions, I've never felt anything but love for it. My opinion soured a bit last year when my dog Frankie had 2 seizures in mid-to-late March, but I was looking forward to this year's despite that.

We're only halfway through the month and it's already thoroughly tested my patience. My birthday was spared of all the covid-related closures and changes, but in the 8 days since, things have really gone south. I fear for everyone and everything right now.

What we're going through is unprecedented, at least in my memory. I remember Ebola, SARS, West Nile... but none of them were this widespread. Closing borders, businesses, schools, and dorms is all so new to me. Not having a previous frame of reference is making me anxious, confused, and worried.

I hope that in the next 15 days things turn around and the rapid pace at which this is spreading comes to a halt. The March I know and love would end on a happy note, and I hope that's what we come to see before April 1st hits.

#covid #birthday